Wanna be 3.x compatible? Not so simple!

08 Jul 2010

iOS 4 icon

So we got the new shiny iOS 4 with the new not-so-shiny SDK 4. Most desirable aspect of using SDK 4 and iOS 4 functions is to be backward compatible with iPhone OS 3.x. This is where you should set your iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.0 or anything else you want to be compatible with.

Xcode iOS 3 deployment target

This is the official method, and since SDK 4 does NOT come with 3.x headers, the only method to make your app run on 3.x. But it is not so simple, because now in your Xcode you are using iOS 4 API. So how do you know you are not using classes or methods that do not exist in 3.x and putting them into your code will crash your app on 3.x device? You don’t!

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iPad is a pretty cool docs browser

22 Jun 2010


If you have one, check out http://developer.apple.com/iphone/library/ on it.

Do you like my iPad stand? It is a table easel, paid 25zł (about $10) and it is far more flexible and sexy than all those overpriced dedicated stands. By the way, iPad screen seems to be more blueish than MacBook’s. Both are led backlit, so I wonder why?

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Wezwij Taxi no.1 free app in PL AppStore after 1 day

01 Jun 2010

Wezwij Taxi

Recently released Wezwij Taxi is surprisingly no.1 free application in Polish AppStore since few days, and became no.1 one day after release.

I have just learned that AppStore is amazing phenomenon. It is quite impossible to predict impact of an application before it gets released. Some “silly” apps stay on top for weeks, while some real gems are quickly forgotten. So it is worth to test even most crazy wicked ideas against iPhone users putting them into life as AppStore app.

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One app heading to AppStore, one already there!

17 May 2010


Recently released Wezwij Taxi is surprisingly no.1 free application in Polish AppStore since few days, and became no.1 one day after release.

It is high time to release own application iPhone after spending a while doing apps for companies. So I decided to make something useful for myself what others can appreciate too.

Here are my very own apps:

.left Strefa

Strefa a Wirtualna Polska Strefa MP3 streaming audio client. Strefa MP3 is a portal containing over 100’000 songs of amateur and professional polish artists, every day brings tens of new songs. IMHO that is much better than commercial radio stations serving all those boring pieces we already heard before thousand times.

.left WezwijTaxi

Wezwij Taxi a polish taxi catalog and taximeter in one app. Now this program has one purpose: keep updated database of taxis for major cities of Poland. But in the future, I think this app can turn into some kind of one button taxi call, using your GPS position without a need to call or name your position to the operator. Useful for those traveling to unfamiliar cities.

Update: Strefa is already available at AppStore, Wezwij Taxi waits for fixes and resubmit.

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Compiling kernel IEGD 10.x module for any Linux distribution

19 Feb 2010

Intel Atom Logo

Intel has put great effort to put complete open-source drivers into recent kernels for its devices. Only device that is clearly missing there is GMA500 (aka Poulsbo, aka US15 chipset, aka Atom Z5xx family). This is understood as it does relay on Imagination Technologies PowerVR core licensed out by Intel to produce GMA500, so most of the driver parts cannot go open-source as it would imply of violation of some agreement between ImgTec and Intel.

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Is closed-source project like CMSity doomed to the death nowadays?

28 Apr 2009


Seems it is very hard to spread the news about CMSity around the world, and acquire some user base of this project. Till now I did few commercial deployments of CMSity, however the cmsity.com page hits look really miserable.

I wrote mails to many CMS magazines asking to drop a note about my project. However only two of them replied and posted something on their sites about CMSity. So I still miss some more reviews that can put a breathe into the project. But it seems my mails are ignored by majority of big CMS related sites making very hard to promote new project like CMSity nowadays.

Since I believe this software presents great value and outperforms other popular solutions I consider releasing it as open-source, however probably not GPL but some license that will force the code to stay by the author (me), deny all the forks, making all community changes happen to be included in the source code base.

Open-source is a great idea, but I have seen too many projects that were just bloated, forked and spoiled by masses of developers that were just about put something of themselves in the project regardless of quality of the included changes, missing overall sense and directions of the project itself. That is why I decided to keep the code closed initially, while giving the licenses for free, but it seems non-open source project are just kicked out of the focus today, and releasing the source code is a “must” to gain the momentum.

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Haml + Gettext = automagic translation

13 Apr 2009


I was rather sceptic to Haml once I have first time read about it. But after recently playing a while with it I can frankly express that it is simply outstanding template engine for Ruby. What I miss about Haml is some seamless integration with some i18n framework (gem).

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Opening specified path in Terminal’s new tab

24 Mar 2009

If you ever wondered how to open specified path in new tab of Terminal.app or reuse current one if it is not busy (running a command), here’s a script you may use:

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Building with MinGW on Mac, oh yeah!

19 Mar 2009


Want to build some small/or not, neat Windows/or Linux application on your Mac? Just use MinGW/Linux GCC cross compiler package from Pierre Molinaro. Those were recently updated to GCC 4.2 and do cross-compile really fast, especially when using make -j2.

It is hard to be Switcher and totally forget/abandon Windows projects, since most of my clients… well almost all of them are on Windows. So since I switched, I am constant user of VMWare Fusion + XP (Win7, Win98) as a guest OS having Visual Studio installed inside. But sometimes if you want to create small cute application for Windows I prefer do it 100% on Mac with TextMate, then just test it on Windows. This is what MinGW cross compiler is perfect for. Not to mention I did Miranda’s MinGW Makefile that successfully builds miranda on Linux/Mac using cross-compiler, so it can be queued for nightly builds on SF.net servers.

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No more free lunch, maybe a pie for free?

12 Mar 2009

How to survive computing paradigm shift

We cannot count on free “performance lunch” anymore, but how about at least a pie for free? Do we need to throw all our old source-code into the trash bin and start over again?

Double Core Flow

Certainly, not. We may think of our old software as a zombie of the new multi-core era. Still there is a way to make the zombie walk, even walk faster. Of course we will need to rewrite our code sometime, but we may postpone this nasty need for a while.

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