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05 Mar 2009

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After spending few years using WordPress, MODx, PHPnuke I found out those systems getting more and more complicated, well yes sophisticated too, but first of all complicated. Anyway, feeling that this is not right direction I have decided to rewrite something by my own; simple, but powerful enough to provide functionality that you expect from most of the modern sites – blog, forums, RSS feeds.

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jabberd2 win32 hits SVN rev 752 and Visual Studio 2008 (SP1)

04 Mar 2009

After a while I had put the jabberd2 win32 project aside, finally I have revived it. Here are some news about it:

  • Project files and binaries were upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 (SP1).

  • Installer now checks the runtime properly on Windows Vista & Windows 7 Beta, was tested also on Windows XP & 2003. Moreover since Visual Studio 2008 runtime seems to be present by default on many machines, most of you will not need to install it manually at all.

  • Installer now contains OpenSSL 0.9.8j, so no more problems with OpenSSL external installation.

  • Finally we got all the fixes and features introduced in jabberd2 till the revision #752.

Once you upgrade, you may uninstall Visual Studio 2005 Runtime and OpenSSL using Add/Remove Programs if you have them installed just for older jabberd2 win32 build.

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NSSpellServer tearing my hair out no more! (fixed in 10.5.7)

13 Oct 2008

I just received confirmation mail from Apple‘s technician regarding this bug and 10.5.7. Thank you! It took them a while to nail it down, but finally we can change spell checker language w/o restarting Mail or Safari.

A story with happy ending

Since a while I am a happy Mac OS X user, would be happiest one, if only I could write my mails easily.

Even I find myself often talk too much I am neither a perfect speaker nor writer. So something commonly called “spell checker” is an invaluable tool in my daily work, especially when sending bunch mails per day. Short after my transition to Mac I was very excited finding out that spell checking is built into the system. Unfortunately as a spelling mistake prone Pole speaking usually English at work and Polish privately I realized that having no Polish spell checker makes my doom.

Mac Spell Checker

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Leopard’s Java 10.5 Update 2 breaks Quartz pipeline font rendering

30 Sep 2008

If you experience missing text in some applications, like one using Batik and native Mac’s Quartz Java pipeline, seek no more for an answer this is a bug introduced in 10.5 Update.

Mac Java Quartz rendering bug

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Perfect Unicode font

20 Jun 2008

Since I switched to Mac OS X & I have started using UTF-8 code-page for all my terminal sessions; Mac local and Linux/UNIX remote.

After few months spent with Apple’s Monaco font, unfortunately not in Monaco, and few hours of fighting with FontForge I have finally made up great bitmap 9×18 font for my terminal.

My new FixedMedium.dfont

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Robust applications & GIS processing and serving methods

17 Apr 2008

Another lecture in Polish I gave last year at my university. Fell free to download and read the PDF below:

And some thought why the low-level platform and OS know-how matters in writing robust applications:

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Assigned to GNU

08 Mar 2008

Today I got assigned to two GNU projects: GNU IDN Library & GNU SASL Library. As jabberd2 relies on both of them and I am the one responsible for making it running on Windows, I had to make few patches, that were gratefully accepted by Simon Josefsson – maintainer of those GNU libraries.

Recently I’ve received two papers from GNU (originated from U.S.) and few great stickers with gnus :) I had to sign it back after carefully studying them. And now I am officially assigned and my changes went to the official repository.

.center.shiftleft GNU Assignment

Can I call myself genuine OpenSource developer now !?

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European ISO MacBook Pro return button, WTF is that!?

21 Jan 2008

ISO Enter

Here is a story of a blot on the great MacBook Pro landscape, which is the european, so called ISO, keyboard.

The “Apple Extended Keyboard II – ISO layout” is a keyboard specially designed for the (retarded!?) European market. The layout complies with ISO 1091 standard on the “Layout of printing and function keys.”

Here in Poland we had already some attempts to have an original Polish keyboard layouts in early 90ties. However it turned out because of economical and practical reasons that we can simply type on regular US ANSI keyboards and use right Alt key to produce accented characters – so called Programmers Layout.

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Baby’s got Mac(Book Pro)

01 Dec 2007

MacBook Pro

First of all the title of this post isn’t inventive at all. But I can tell you I had same feelings about my new MacBook Pro as among other fresh owners.

I was fighting with my thoughts about having a Mac since long time. My first contact with Macs was when my dad was working at DTP agency. I was amazed then, but since then more than 10 years have passed, and I used to work on Windows. As I’m professional developer, at least I believe so ;) I was always looking for a perfect platform for more ambitious computer users. I was tracking news sites, blogs treating about OSes. I’ve been playing with Linux, QNX, SkyOS. Also I was aware about Mac OS X, but I hadn’t used it at all, because of a straight reason, you need to get a Mac to use Mac OS X. Also once I was working in my former company my PC laptop died and for the time it was in the repair the only solution was to use abandoned iMac. That was my 2nd encounter with Mac & Mac OS X Panther I believe, or even older version.

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Fixed XML bug in jabberd2 win32 installer

06 Aug 2007

Three days ago I have released first public MSI installer of jabberd2, however small bug sneaked in that disallowed installing clean version:

Failed to open XML file c:\Program Files\jabberd2\c2s.dist.xml, system error -2147024786.

Now it is fixed in both SVN and downloads of jabberd2 win32. Sorry for the problem, now I hope you can enjoy at last jabberd2 for Windows installer. :D

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