iGotuję cooking experience with Ewa Wachowicz

26 Nov 2010


iGotuję created by nanoANT together with Alternative Studio is first Polish application branded by celebrity. Ewa Wachowicz, Miss Polonia 1992 and 3rd Vice-miss World, presents 60 original recipes and 15 movies. Click the icon to get more information and see the UI in action.

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LiveChat for iPhone now at AppStore

18 Nov 2010

LiveChat for iOS

Yesterday yet another nice little app produced by me was accepted into App Store. You may read original release note at LiveChat blog.

This app is not just a companion app for desktop LiveChat version, but is full fledged client for iPhone , letting you monitor your website activity live and chat with customers. Of course this is just a beginning, so expect new features coming soon with the updates.

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Streaming thumbnails smoothly using HTTP in your iPhone app

06 Oct 2010

HTTP Streaming

Network enabled apps such as news aggregators, blogging clients often load lots of small files, such as thumbnails, trough HTTP connection. Usually we expect that such application is: (1) responsive (does not block scrolling while loading), (2) it does load thumbnails almost realtime.

I suppose the first thing everybody tries is calling [UIImage imageWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:someURL]]. There is nothing wrong with it, except it make your UI stutter and load images painfully slow. After trying that one may think of using background threads, NSOperationQueue, or something like that, but still any modern web browser loads those images much faster when they are embedded into regular web page than your application. Wonder why?

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Browse gossips and latest paparazzi shots on your iPhone

20 Jul 2010


I should say it first – mostly Polish gossips, in Polish language. But anyway Kozaczek.pl is another nanoANT’s piece of craft (mind the spelling). After one week of its premier it topped 2nd in Polish AppStore. We had greater expectations, but some iPhone users here in Poland are really great bigots. I have seen many comments accusing some iPhone news editors that they have put a little news about this app, because this app ill befits there. Come on!

Anyway doing this app was a great fun and I believe using it is a great fun too, especially as an alternative to those grave TV news everyday. Checkout official release news here.

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Wanna be 3.x compatible? Not so simple!

08 Jul 2010

iOS 4 icon

So we got the new shiny iOS 4 with the new not-so-shiny SDK 4. Most desirable aspect of using SDK 4 and iOS 4 functions is to be backward compatible with iPhone OS 3.x. This is where you should set your iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.0 or anything else you want to be compatible with.

Xcode iOS 3 deployment target

This is the official method, and since SDK 4 does NOT come with 3.x headers, the only method to make your app run on 3.x. But it is not so simple, because now in your Xcode you are using iOS 4 API. So how do you know you are not using classes or methods that do not exist in 3.x and putting them into your code will crash your app on 3.x device? You don’t!

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Wezwij Taxi no.1 free app in PL AppStore after 1 day

01 Jun 2010

Wezwij Taxi

Recently released Wezwij Taxi is surprisingly no.1 free application in Polish AppStore since few days, and became no.1 one day after release.

I have just learned that AppStore is amazing phenomenon. It is quite impossible to predict impact of an application before it gets released. Some “silly” apps stay on top for weeks, while some real gems are quickly forgotten. So it is worth to test even most crazy wicked ideas against iPhone users putting them into life as AppStore app.

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One app heading to AppStore, one already there!

17 May 2010


Recently released Wezwij Taxi is surprisingly no.1 free application in Polish AppStore since few days, and became no.1 one day after release.

It is high time to release own application iPhone after spending a while doing apps for companies. So I decided to make something useful for myself what others can appreciate too.

Here are my very own apps:

.left Strefa

Strefa a Wirtualna Polska Strefa MP3 streaming audio client. Strefa MP3 is a portal containing over 100’000 songs of amateur and professional polish artists, every day brings tens of new songs. IMHO that is much better than commercial radio stations serving all those boring pieces we already heard before thousand times.

.left WezwijTaxi

Wezwij Taxi a polish taxi catalog and taximeter in one app. Now this program has one purpose: keep updated database of taxis for major cities of Poland. But in the future, I think this app can turn into some kind of one button taxi call, using your GPS position without a need to call or name your position to the operator. Useful for those traveling to unfamiliar cities.

Update: Strefa is already available at AppStore, Wezwij Taxi waits for fixes and resubmit.

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