jabberd2 win32 hits SVN rev 752 and Visual Studio 2008 (SP1)

04 Mar 2009

After a while I had put the jabberd2 win32 project aside, finally I have revived it. Here are some news about it:

  • Project files and binaries were upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 (SP1).

  • Installer now checks the runtime properly on Windows Vista & Windows 7 Beta, was tested also on Windows XP & 2003. Moreover since Visual Studio 2008 runtime seems to be present by default on many machines, most of you will not need to install it manually at all.

  • Installer now contains OpenSSL 0.9.8j, so no more problems with OpenSSL external installation.

  • Finally we got all the fixes and features introduced in jabberd2 till the revision #752.

Once you upgrade, you may uninstall Visual Studio 2005 Runtime and OpenSSL using Add/Remove Programs if you have them installed just for older jabberd2 win32 build.

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Fixed XML bug in jabberd2 win32 installer

06 Aug 2007

Three days ago I have released first public MSI installer of jabberd2, however small bug sneaked in that disallowed installing clean version:

Failed to open XML file c:\Program Files\jabberd2\c2s.dist.xml, system error -2147024786.

Now it is fixed in both SVN and downloads of jabberd2 win32. Sorry for the problem, now I hope you can enjoy at last jabberd2 for Windows installer. :D

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Here goes jabberd2 MSI installer

03 Aug 2007

jabberd2 Installer

After few evenings of playing with WiX toolset for MSI installers I have finally committed setup projects into SVN source of jabberd2. You can also find brand new installer of jabberd2 SVN #333 revision in downloads on my jabberd2 win32 page.

It is not yet super-perfect, however it respects upgrades, also it will NOT overwrite your existing jabberd2 configuration nor database files.

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jabberd2 win32 project & build updated

16 Jun 2007

Here goes the new test release of mu-conference for Windows, complementary to first jabberd2 for Windows releases from the beginning of the June. Binaries (only 1.05MB) available from my page are configured to work seamlessly with jabberd2 Windows builds, so only host name change and simple service installation as described in the guide are needed to run conferences within your jabberd2 server on Windows.

Several users already confirmed running jabberd2 on Windows server platform with success (I am running it also at my company). And now mu-conference component will be nice addendum to this light XMPP server suite, as together with jabberd2 all takes ~6MB on the disk with no extra software required!

P.S. Windows MSI installer is also on the way. Soon jabberd2 XMPP server installation will be even easier. :-)

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jabberd2 win32 in the official repository

23 May 2007

jabberd Services

Thanks to Tomasz Sterna countryman of mine and current jabberd2 maintainer, win32 port is now in the official SVN repository. Project page was updated with new instructions. Now I’m thinking about the win32 installer.

I hope this will help to popularize XMPP somehow. I presume that free 3MB setup will be something that everyone can try installing at their office next to MS Exchange server, at least just to put e-mail/XMPP instead of just e-mail in the footer ;) We just need to make Jabber trendy.. heh ?

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jabberd2 win32 project & build updated

22 May 2007

jabberd Binaries

Today I’ve finished updates of jabberd2 native port to Windows platform. Checkout my project page for binaries and downloads.

Normally there are several Windows XMPP servers, most of them are commercial and the freeware or open-source rest is based on Python, Erlang or Java. Those I believe are useful, but I don’t think they are suitable for Windows server deployment mostly because they are bloated with those scripting languages. Sometime I should explain why I don’t like Java for solid development. :P

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