Here goes jabberd2 MSI installer

03 Aug 2007

jabberd2 Installer

After few evenings of playing with WiX toolset for MSI installers I have finally committed setup projects into SVN source of jabberd2. You can also find brand new installer of jabberd2 SVN #333 revision in downloads on my jabberd2 win32 page.

It is not yet super-perfect, however it respects upgrades, also it will NOT overwrite your existing jabberd2 configuration nor database files.

Installer running on fresh jabberd2 free system will ask for XMPP domain during setup process and install running jabberd2 configuration using SQLite backend for authentication and storage with registration enabled. After installation remember you need to restart jabber2comp service every time you change comp.xml file (where comp may be s2s, c2s, router, resolver or sm).

Running installer over existing jabberd2 installation will result only with upgrading binary files and writing new *.dist.xml files next to existing *.xml ones.

Have fun with jabberd2! Don’t forget to install Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Libraries prior running the setup.

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