jabberd2 win32 hits SVN rev 752 and Visual Studio 2008 (SP1)

04 Mar 2009

After a while I had put the jabberd2 win32 project aside, finally I have revived it. Here are some news about it:

  • Project files and binaries were upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 (SP1).

  • Installer now checks the runtime properly on Windows Vista & Windows 7 Beta, was tested also on Windows XP & 2003. Moreover since Visual Studio 2008 runtime seems to be present by default on many machines, most of you will not need to install it manually at all.

  • Installer now contains OpenSSL 0.9.8j, so no more problems with OpenSSL external installation.

  • Finally we got all the fixes and features introduced in jabberd2 till the revision #752.

Once you upgrade, you may uninstall Visual Studio 2005 Runtime and OpenSSL using Add/Remove Programs if you have them installed just for older jabberd2 win32 build.

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