jabberd2 win32 project & build updated

22 May 2007

jabberd Binaries

Today I’ve finished updates of jabberd2 native port to Windows platform. Checkout my project page for binaries and downloads.

Normally there are several Windows XMPP servers, most of them are commercial and the freeware or open-source rest is based on Python, Erlang or Java. Those I believe are useful, but I don’t think they are suitable for Windows server deployment mostly because they are bloated with those scripting languages. Sometime I should explain why I don’t like Java for solid development. :P

While jabberd2 is light and native open-source written in C XMPP server, it doesn’t officially support Windows. Well it states it does, but this support was done somewhere for early versions of 1.4/2.0, but normally there’s no way to compile it on Windows using anything else than Cygwin.

My aim was to get a XMPP server that is small, free.. and not dependent on external libraries. So it is jabberd2 win32. The download is 1.11 MB + VC8 CRT which is 2.55MB, so 3.66 MB all together. No much for such a pretty software, huh ?

I hope someone except me and my co-workers will find this port useful. I hope someday XMPP to get more popular; this is my piece into this idea.

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