jabberd2 win32 project & build updated

16 Jun 2007

Here goes the new test release of mu-conference for Windows, complementary to first jabberd2 for Windows releases from the beginning of the June. Binaries (only 1.05MB) available from my page are configured to work seamlessly with jabberd2 Windows builds, so only host name change and simple service installation as described in the guide are needed to run conferences within your jabberd2 server on Windows.

Several users already confirmed running jabberd2 on Windows server platform with success (I am running it also at my company). And now mu-conference component will be nice addendum to this light XMPP server suite, as together with jabberd2 all takes ~6MB on the disk with no extra software required!

P.S. Windows MSI installer is also on the way. Soon jabberd2 XMPP server installation will be even easier. :-)

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