nanoANT creates LiveChat for Mac

13 Aug 2010

LiveChat for Mac

Update: Public Beta has been just released for download on LiveChat for Mac page.

I am proud to announce my company was hired to create Mac version of LiveChat operator software. The application just entered alpha-phase and today closed tests were started. I hope too that the new refreshing LiveChat icon (on the right) designed by me will be the cherry on the project’s pie.

LiveChat provides innovative web based customer support solutions including live web statistics and live customer chat. The company has great potential and impressive customer base, so you may be interested to follow their Twitter feed.

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DrawIt – power of Photoshop in non-destructive form

15 Jul 2010

DrawIt made house

I should have written something about DrawIt long time ago, as this small but powerful non-destructive vector based bitmap design tool really deserves the attention.

DrawIt was created and is maintained by its author Pieter Omvlee. While doing initial design of this application Pieter asked for help French designer Laurent Baumann (working now for Apple). Pieter’s skills and Laurent’s talent joint together created something extraordinary, the great UI of DrawIt made from scratch to give you an ability to quickly create web/bitmap designs with vector tools and stack of effects. I will not get into details here, as you can find few good articles about DrawIt over the Internet, but I will rather describe little experiment of mine I have made today and try to answer the question if DrawIt can be good Photoshop replacement for icon and web design.

Since lately I was forced to use Photoshop, I decided to give DrawIt a try and recreate one of outstanding Photoshop tutorial icons using DrawIt. My choice went for Basic House Icon from PSDTuts+ site. You can see the result of my work above and you can download the DrawIt source file here.

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iPad is a pretty cool docs browser

22 Jun 2010


If you have one, check out on it.

Do you like my iPad stand? It is a table easel, paid 25zł (about $10) and it is far more flexible and sexy than all those overpriced dedicated stands. By the way, iPad screen seems to be more blueish than MacBook’s. Both are led backlit, so I wonder why?

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Opening specified path in Terminal’s new tab

24 Mar 2009

If you ever wondered how to open specified path in new tab of or reuse current one if it is not busy (running a command), here’s a script you may use:

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Building with MinGW on Mac, oh yeah!

19 Mar 2009


Want to build some small/or not, neat Windows/or Linux application on your Mac? Just use MinGW/Linux GCC cross compiler package from Pierre Molinaro. Those were recently updated to GCC 4.2 and do cross-compile really fast, especially when using make -j2.

It is hard to be Switcher and totally forget/abandon Windows projects, since most of my clients… well almost all of them are on Windows. So since I switched, I am constant user of VMWare Fusion + XP (Win7, Win98) as a guest OS having Visual Studio installed inside. But sometimes if you want to create small cute application for Windows I prefer do it 100% on Mac with TextMate, then just test it on Windows. This is what MinGW cross compiler is perfect for. Not to mention I did Miranda’s MinGW Makefile that successfully builds miranda on Linux/Mac using cross-compiler, so it can be queued for nightly builds on servers.

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NSSpellServer tearing my hair out no more! (fixed in 10.5.7)

13 Oct 2008

I just received confirmation mail from Apple‘s technician regarding this bug and 10.5.7. Thank you! It took them a while to nail it down, but finally we can change spell checker language w/o restarting Mail or Safari.

A story with happy ending

Since a while I am a happy Mac OS X user, would be happiest one, if only I could write my mails easily.

Even I find myself often talk too much I am neither a perfect speaker nor writer. So something commonly called “spell checker” is an invaluable tool in my daily work, especially when sending bunch mails per day. Short after my transition to Mac I was very excited finding out that spell checking is built into the system. Unfortunately as a spelling mistake prone Pole speaking usually English at work and Polish privately I realized that having no Polish spell checker makes my doom.

Mac Spell Checker

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Leopard’s Java 10.5 Update 2 breaks Quartz pipeline font rendering

30 Sep 2008

If you experience missing text in some applications, like one using Batik and native Mac’s Quartz Java pipeline, seek no more for an answer this is a bug introduced in 10.5 Update.

Mac Java Quartz rendering bug

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Perfect Unicode font

20 Jun 2008

Since I switched to Mac OS X & I have started using UTF-8 code-page for all my terminal sessions; Mac local and Linux/UNIX remote.

After few months spent with Apple’s Monaco font, unfortunately not in Monaco, and few hours of fighting with FontForge I have finally made up great bitmap 9×18 font for my terminal.

My new FixedMedium.dfont

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European ISO MacBook Pro return button, WTF is that!?

21 Jan 2008

ISO Enter

Here is a story of a blot on the great MacBook Pro landscape, which is the european, so called ISO, keyboard.

The “Apple Extended Keyboard II – ISO layout” is a keyboard specially designed for the (retarded!?) European market. The layout complies with ISO 1091 standard on the “Layout of printing and function keys.”

Here in Poland we had already some attempts to have an original Polish keyboard layouts in early 90ties. However it turned out because of economical and practical reasons that we can simply type on regular US ANSI keyboards and use right Alt key to produce accented characters – so called Programmers Layout.

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Baby’s got Mac(Book Pro)

01 Dec 2007

MacBook Pro

First of all the title of this post isn’t inventive at all. But I can tell you I had same feelings about my new MacBook Pro as among other fresh owners.

I was fighting with my thoughts about having a Mac since long time. My first contact with Macs was when my dad was working at DTP agency. I was amazed then, but since then more than 10 years have passed, and I used to work on Windows. As I’m professional developer, at least I believe so ;) I was always looking for a perfect platform for more ambitious computer users. I was tracking news sites, blogs treating about OSes. I’ve been playing with Linux, QNX, SkyOS. Also I was aware about Mac OS X, but I hadn’t used it at all, because of a straight reason, you need to get a Mac to use Mac OS X. Also once I was working in my former company my PC laptop died and for the time it was in the repair the only solution was to use abandoned iMac. That was my 2nd encounter with Mac & Mac OS X Panther I believe, or even older version.

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