Baby’s got Mac(Book Pro)

01 Dec 2007

MacBook Pro

First of all the title of this post isn’t inventive at all. But I can tell you I had same feelings about my new MacBook Pro as among other fresh owners.

I was fighting with my thoughts about having a Mac since long time. My first contact with Macs was when my dad was working at DTP agency. I was amazed then, but since then more than 10 years have passed, and I used to work on Windows. As I’m professional developer, at least I believe so ;) I was always looking for a perfect platform for more ambitious computer users. I was tracking news sites, blogs treating about OSes. I’ve been playing with Linux, QNX, SkyOS. Also I was aware about Mac OS X, but I hadn’t used it at all, because of a straight reason, you need to get a Mac to use Mac OS X. Also once I was working in my former company my PC laptop died and for the time it was in the repair the only solution was to use abandoned iMac. That was my 2nd encounter with Mac & Mac OS X Panther I believe, or even older version.

Then I gained an opinion that Mac OS X is great but underestimated system. But when I got my PC back, I sticked back to Windows. Once Apple has moved to Intel platform I found out there’s Hackintosh you can install on regular PC, also that time my PC I applied to Apple Developer Connecting 2 years ago. I must confess I did use Hackintosh for a short while.

Finally once my former laptop was getting more and more sluggish I have decided in the November last year that MacBook Pro will be my next laptop. I found that ordering one abroad, actually at France is notably cheaper than buying it in Poland. So order one trough French Apple Store. I have chosen my perfect configuration, biggest hard drive possible 250GB and English International Layout keyboard.

This keyboard layout was my biggest mistake once I have realized that it is freaking unusable and has stupidly displaced Return button in comparison to the keyboards I used to work with. Unfortunately it was few days after I’ve placed the order and it was too late to roll it over.

After 2 weeks here it was! My new MacBook Pro with this damn stupid ISO European keyboard. I started to love my new laptop and hate it for this nasty keyboard in same time.

After finally replacing the keyboard, which is the different story, and buying a decent mouse here it is:

My MacBook Pro

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