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20 Jun 2008

Since I switched to Mac OS X & I have started using UTF-8 code-page for all my terminal sessions; Mac local and Linux/UNIX remote.

After few months spent with Apple’s Monaco font, unfortunately not in Monaco, and few hours of fighting with FontForge I have finally made up great bitmap 9×18 font for my terminal.

My new FixedMedium.dfont

(Using new Fixed font with 18pt size with vertical spacing set to 0.80, no antialiasing)

Here is my story… First I have used famous Monaco Apple font, which was doing really great. However I have noticed that while on normal ANSI session of mc (Midnight Commander) Monaco‘s box drawing is OK, while on UTF mc (ncurses) are using UNICODE box drawing characters (0×2500) which look awful with Monaco, the reason is that vertical box lines are not continuos divided by line spacing.

Since anyway I don’t use antialiasing in the terminal, I have started looking for perfect bitmap console font that contains maximum number of UNICODE ranges (including my Polish characters), and I have found great X11 font package by Markus Kuhn.

I have used FontForge (from MacPorts) to produce following dfonts below.


  • FixedMedium.dfont
    2008-06-20, 312 KB, Fixed medium bitmap font sizes: 13, 14, 15, 18
  • FixedBold.dfont
    2008-06-20, 64 KB, Fixed bold bitmap font sizes: 13, 14, 15, 18


You are free to use, distribute or modify fonts provided here. I disclaim any warranties with regard to this font. This work is derived from UCS fonts available from Markus Kuhn.


In order to have continuos vertical line drawing with this Fixed font you need to reduce vertical line spacing to ~0.80 (as for 18pt size) in font settings.

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