LiveChat for Mac & iOS behind the scenes

09 Feb 2012

The purpose of this article is to present several technical design concepts implemented and proven to work well for over one year, since the first release of the Mac version of LiveChat operator application.

Back in 2010 when I started implementing the Mac version, the main task was to reach the feature level of the Windows version (developed for several years) as fast as possible, and also to prepare ground for an upcoming iOS version (available now in App Store). At that time I neither had access to the Windows version’s source code, nor was going to reuse any of it. Therefore I have settled the following constraints that yielded the following results (described in detail in following sections):


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Streaming thumbnails smoothly using HTTP in your iPhone app

06 Oct 2010

HTTP Streaming

Network enabled apps such as news aggregators, blogging clients often load lots of small files, such as thumbnails, trough HTTP connection. Usually we expect that such application is: (1) responsive (does not block scrolling while loading), (2) it does load thumbnails almost realtime.

I suppose the first thing everybody tries is calling [UIImage imageWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:someURL]]. There is nothing wrong with it, except it make your UI stutter and load images painfully slow. After trying that one may think of using background threads, NSOperationQueue, or something like that, but still any modern web browser loads those images much faster when they are embedded into regular web page than your application. Wonder why?

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Wanna be 3.x compatible? Not so simple!

08 Jul 2010

iOS 4 icon

So we got the new shiny iOS 4 with the new not-so-shiny SDK 4. Most desirable aspect of using SDK 4 and iOS 4 functions is to be backward compatible with iPhone OS 3.x. This is where you should set your iPhone OS Deployment Target to iPhone OS 3.0 or anything else you want to be compatible with.

Xcode iOS 3 deployment target

This is the official method, and since SDK 4 does NOT come with 3.x headers, the only method to make your app run on 3.x. But it is not so simple, because now in your Xcode you are using iOS 4 API. So how do you know you are not using classes or methods that do not exist in 3.x and putting them into your code will crash your app on 3.x device? You don’t!

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