Is closed-source project like CMSity doomed to the death nowadays?

28 Apr 2009


Seems it is very hard to spread the news about CMSity around the world, and acquire some user base of this project. Till now I did few commercial deployments of CMSity, however the page hits look really miserable.

I wrote mails to many CMS magazines asking to drop a note about my project. However only two of them replied and posted something on their sites about CMSity. So I still miss some more reviews that can put a breathe into the project. But it seems my mails are ignored by majority of big CMS related sites making very hard to promote new project like CMSity nowadays.

Since I believe this software presents great value and outperforms other popular solutions I consider releasing it as open-source, however probably not GPL but some license that will force the code to stay by the author (me), deny all the forks, making all community changes happen to be included in the source code base.

Open-source is a great idea, but I have seen too many projects that were just bloated, forked and spoiled by masses of developers that were just about put something of themselves in the project regardless of quality of the included changes, missing overall sense and directions of the project itself. That is why I decided to keep the code closed initially, while giving the licenses for free, but it seems non-open source project are just kicked out of the focus today, and releasing the source code is a “must” to gain the momentum.

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Assigned to GNU

08 Mar 2008

Today I got assigned to two GNU projects: GNU IDN Library & GNU SASL Library. As jabberd2 relies on both of them and I am the one responsible for making it running on Windows, I had to make few patches, that were gratefully accepted by Simon Josefsson – maintainer of those GNU libraries.

Recently I’ve received two papers from GNU (originated from U.S.) and few great stickers with gnus :) I had to sign it back after carefully studying them. And now I am officially assigned and my changes went to the official repository.

.center.shiftleft GNU Assignment

Can I call myself genuine OpenSource developer now !?

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