nanoANT's Public Portfolio

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    celebrity gossips on your iPhone
    latest news from fashion world on your iPhone
  • Wezwij Taxi
    taxi caller application for Poland largest cities with GPS based fare estimator
  • iGotujÄ™ (discontinued)
    tasty quick recipes directly from famous Polish celebrity Ewa Wachowicz
  • LiveChat for iPhone (up to version 1.x)
    monitor your website and chat with your clients using your iPhone
  • Strefa (discontinued)
    iPhone streaming audio client for Strefa MP3 & Wirtualna Polska music portal


  • sgTree
    tree rendering extension of Torque 3D engine
  • III Signs
    PC game project using Torque 3D engine



  • LiveChat for Mac
    innovative live web-based customer support
    system, now for Mac
  • BlueEye
    digital video surveillance system with embedded client and web manager
  • RasterTank
    web application for cataloguing and extraction of GIS data
  • RasterSynth
    utility for synthesizing of GIS data using ER Mapper technology


  • Jabberd2 win32
    fully featured Windows version of popular Jabber/XMPP server
  • CMSity (discontinued)
    lightweight, flexible and robust content management system
  • CVSTrac
    simple but powerful project & bug tracker
  • TC 7Zip Plugin (original author)
    Total Commander extension for 7Zip archives
  • Miranda IM (until 2008)
    protocol developer, notably Gadu-Gadu