IE Dev Toolbar 1.00.2188.0 annoying popup fix

Some time ago Microsoft has released great addon to Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. Latest version 1.00.2188.0 bring many great features, however it also brings huge annoyance with IE7 and any script debugger installed on system such as Visual Studio 2005 – an error popup asking for debugger selection every time we open new page. Want to know how to fix it?

How to fix that ?

It is possible to fix that with any good Resource Editor. Follow the recipe to get rid of popping up JavaScript error:

  1. Close all Internet Explorer windows.

  2. Locate and extract IE Dev Toolbar JavaScript source using any resource editor. Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar\IEDevToolbar.dll and extract resource TXT/235/1033 (type/resource ID/resource language). I used Resource Extractor extension of Total Commander. Alternatively you can use XN Resource Editor. I didn’t use Resource Hacker for this because it was saving the resource as hex-dump rather than binary file.

  3. Modify extracted JavaScript source 235.bin using any text editor. Locate function:

    function ParseDoc(doc)
       var aRules = GatherRulesFromDoc(doc);
       collSelectors = parser.Parse(aRules);
       // Set quirks mode if necessary
       if("BackCompat" == doc.compatMode)
           for(var i = 0; i < collSelectors.Count; i++)
  4. Change red marked line into:

    try { collSelectors.item(i).SetQuirksMode(true); } catch(e) {}

Save back the resource file 235.bin into TXT/235/1033 of IEDevToolbar.dll. I used “replace” function of Resource Hacker.

Now you should have fixed IEDevToolbar.dll, that is not raising any errors anymore.


Please don’t ask me about any binaries as it is against EULA of IE Dev Toolbar.