Building with MinGW on Mac, oh yeah!

19 Mar 2009


Want to build some small/or not, neat Windows/or Linux application on your Mac? Just use MinGW/Linux GCC cross compiler package from Pierre Molinaro. Those were recently updated to GCC 4.2 and do cross-compile really fast, especially when using make -j2.

It is hard to be Switcher and totally forget/abandon Windows projects, since most of my clients… well almost all of them are on Windows. So since I switched, I am constant user of VMWare Fusion + XP (Win7, Win98) as a guest OS having Visual Studio installed inside. But sometimes if you want to create small cute application for Windows I prefer do it 100% on Mac with TextMate, then just test it on Windows. This is what MinGW cross compiler is perfect for. Not to mention I did Miranda’s MinGW Makefile that successfully builds miranda on Linux/Mac using cross-compiler, so it can be queued for nightly builds on servers.

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