Making friends with Mathematica

08 Aug 2014


Mathematica 10 was recently released adding many awesome functions such as live context sensitive completion. Yet for computer geeks like me Mathematica editor may still feel clunky with too tiny ugly default notebook font, no automatic brace and quote completion.

However Mathematica has powerful customization capabilities under the hood. While these are just briefly documented, using trial and error method I managed to add some nice completion, better Macalike keyboard shortcuts, and even customize way default notebook looks.

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Restarting Blog with Jekyll

21 Feb 2014


Since few days my blog is powered by Jeykyll. Comments are handled by Disqus. These have replaced WordPress which has served me well for several years. Nowadays Jekyll feels like natural replacement for such Markdown & Git junkie like me. Site is Retina friendly with images “retinized” on fly by retina.js.

Most of the migration work was copy & paste, however there were few caveats when migrating from WordPress. First of all categories are handled differently in Jekyll - there is no category hierarchy. There is no built-in category list, neither category pages. Luckily Jekyll supports plugins, notably Generate Categories plugin by Recursive Design.

Moreover Ruby monkey-patching gave me opportunity to tune Jekyll to my needs. Below 3 of my custom plugins.

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IE Dev Toolbar 1.00.2188.0 annoying popup fix

11 Jun 2007

Some time ago Microsoft has released great addon to Internet Explorer called Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. Latest version 1.00.2188.0 bring many great features, however it also brings huge annoyance with IE7 and any script debugger installed on system such as Visual Studio 2005 – an error popup asking for debugger selection every time we open new page. Want to know how to fix it?

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